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I have actually done some solving of my writer's block. And I forgot to put this in before the last one.
I woke up the next morning. My balls aching like they'd been slapped from the previous night. The bed was empty except for myself. I stood and pulled on my swim trucks. No one else was home, so I used the stereo system to crank up some AC DC. I noticed a note on the fridge. "We've headed out for a bit. We got some stuff for breakfast. Please make us something if you would." Damn them.

I started up the oven, preheating it for my favorite biscuits. I set out everything that they had gotten for breakfast. They had gotten the stuff for biscuits, along with eggs, bacon, sausages, grits, and gravy. I made up everything. Right as I finished up the final bit of eggs, both girls walked in. Heather walked over and kissed me. Laura hung back, watching us make out a bit. Heather stepped back, and Laura stepped forward and kissed me.

We broke apart and dug into the massive breakfast that I'd made. I loaded completely up on carbs and calories in general, needed it after all the sex the night before. As soon as we were finished, they practically pulled me up the stairs. We entered the master bedroom, when Laura pulled a blindfold out and placed it over my eyes. I was always up for new things, especially as a horny teenager. A hand grabbed mine and lead me into the bathroom.

I heard the unmistakable sound of an electric razor and called them off. Heather assured me that this would a one time thing, as they were testing something for Halloween and needed as blank a canvas as possible. She started up the razor again and shaved my face and body as closely as it had ever been shaved. Heather was very careful when shaving around my balls, for which I was grateful.

Shaved smooth as I was, I felt less safe than I had not five minutes earlier. There was a long pause in anything happening around me. Suddenly, I felt a brush with very cold paint stroke down my back. A second brush got involved, and I was soon shivering, despite the fact that the room itself was rather warm. Shortly though, the cold wetness along with the steady brush strokes turned me on. My cock was left hanging though, since it was slathered in paint.

Laura told me to keep my eyes closed. I felt the knot at the back of my head fall away. I kept my eyes closed though. I soon felt the wetness start to invade my face. Someone was using a smaller brush on my face, probably to keep it from being absolutely everywhere. Soon, the only parts of my body that weren't covered were my lips and eyelids. That changed quickly though. I felt an even smaller brush move across my eyelids, then my lips. It was difficult not to flinch at the contact, but I resisted. Very soon, the only thing that I felt was a bit of dabbing, as though they were powdering my whole body.

They finished and told me to open my eyes. I was facing the mirror and barely could recognize myself. Staring back at me was a clearly male Gamora. They had put a ton of eye shadow over my body to keep the paint from drying out completely, but there was no mistaking what they had done to me. They giggled at my lack of reaction. I was quite speechless. It was flawless work, if I wasn't exactly happy about being a human guinea pig. I turned around and saw that they had been thorough. I couldn't complain about what they had done really. I had agreed to it after all.

Heather told me to shower everything off, since they had gotten their test of the body paint done. I had different ideas though. I grabbed a hold of Heather, who was nude, presumably in case they splattered quite a bit of it. With each of her arms in my hands, I drew her close and kissed her. I figured there was a test that they need to run. How easily it rubbed off. I pulled back before 30 seconds had passed. She whined as I pulled away, but all that was left on her was the eye shadow, considering that those areas were still covered on me.

I started to draw a bath, then hopped into the shower. I showered away the absurd amount of green body paint and various shades of green and yellow eye shadow. I was finally clean, and my cock had reawakened. It had fallen asleep during the shadowing process. The bath was almost full, and Heather and Laura had already taken up residence in it. I walked over with my hard cock swinging. I slid quietly into the bath, moaning a bit as the hot water caressed my body. Laura moved over and quickly lined my cock up with her pussy.

She speared herself on my cock and started to grind slowly up and down. I played with her tits as she started to go faster still. I could feel myself ready for a shot right into her. Laura continued to work me over. I grunted and groaned with every movement of her pussy on my cock. She stopped moving and slid down as far as she could get on my cock. She trembled with orgasm, which prompted me to fire off the few orgasmic shots that I had mustered.

Heather watched us both silently. Finally, she moved over and kissed me on the lips. She moved away after several seconds a grin on her lips. The three of us got out and toweled off. We took up residence on the bed, where we almost immediately fell asleep.

The next morning, Laura left out early and headed to her house. Heather and I made sure the lake house was in order before heading out ourselves. We headed back to Heather's house, where she consulted her calendar. "That is the last time we'll be able to do that. Hell, having sex may not be much of an option, given that my soccer camp starts tomorrow," Heather said, dejectedly.

We still managed to fuck a few times a week, but it was nothing like what we had been doing before.
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