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After catching Zach in a threesome with their younger brother and sister, Molly wants some special alone time with her twin brother.
How Traditions Start – part 12

An original story by starrynight.

To all my readers.

I hope you enjoy the story in these difficult times.

As always, comments on the story, including what you would like to see next are greatly appreciated.

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Zach was breathing heavily, his chest heaving as he inhaled and exhaled. Sweat covered his muscular body despite the cool surroundings, and his eyes were glued to his twin sister's rear end.

Molly slowed down to a leisurely pace, cooling down as she stared uninterested at the large TV screen in front of her. She was hot and sweaty, and thinking about what she caught her siblings doing only made her more so.

Zach was at his limit as he kept staring at Molly. He continued for a few more seconds, his hear pounding, then began gradually slowing down to a slow endurable pace. He looked around at the hotel gym, only a handful of people around, then moved his gaze back to Molly. She was on the treadmill in front of his, wearing bright-colored sneakers, gray knee-length yoga pants, and a lavender sports bra. Her blonde hair was in a tight low ponytail, and Zach could not stop starring at her ass, looking so hot in the tight yoga pants. He shifted the bulge that was forming in his loose shorts, pressed the stop button and jumped off.

An older not unattractive woman walked by. She gave Zach a wanton look as he ran his fingers through his sweat-streaked hair, but Zach didn't even notice. He grabbed his towel and started wiping his body as he headed to get a drink. He grabbed a water bottle from the small fridge, popped the top, and drank thirstily, watching Molly as she too stepped down from her treadmill and walked over to join him.

"Pretty good workout." Molly said breathless. She smiled and grabbed a water bottle. Zach mumbled his agreement, lowering his bottle, and watched his sister as she drank. Her face was flushed, beaded with sweat, as was her chest. Her sports bra revealed just a hint of her delectable cleavage, and Zach stared as a drop of sweat slid down her chest and disappeared between her perky mounds.

"Ready to call it a day?" Zach asked exhausted and watched his sister gulp the last of the water before nodding. They wiped themselves off, ignorant to the lustful looks they were both receiving from the older people around, then headed up to their rooms.

It was still early, a few hours before dinner, and the twins were chatting cheerfully as they walked into Molly and Presley's room. Zach left his keycard behind, and cautiously opened the door connecting the room to the one he and his brother were sharing.

"Are they still here?" Molly asked her brother as she started rummaging through her bag.

"No, looks like they're gone." Zach called back as he entered his room and looked around. The window was open, letting in a warm sea breeze, and the only evidence of their naughty act was the crumpled cum-stained sheets on Jack's bed. Zach started going through the closet, looking for spare sheets, just as Molly popped her head through the door.

"I'm going to take a shower." Molly announced, looking nervously at her brother. "I thought maybe you want to join me?" she asked shyly.

"Really?" Zach asked eagerly.

"Yeah, if you want to. I thought you could help me with what we talked about." Molly answered innocently.

"Of course I do!" Zach said eagerly, his prick already beginning to harden in his pants. He slipped off his shoes and looked up at his twin sister grinning. She grabbed him by the hand and led them back to her room and into the bathroom.

They walked into the lavish bathroom and locked the door behind them. It was your normal luxury hotel bathroom: spotless marble vanity top, shiny silver faucets, small bottles of soaps and lotions neatly organized, thick white towels folded above the toiled, and a huge walk in shower, big enough for almost four people to comfortably stand.

"I guess we haven’t done this sort of thing in a while, huh?" Molly said with a shy smile. There was noticeable tension between them, but it wasn't very strong.

"Yeah, I guess we haven’t." Zach agreed, trying to think of the last time. He smiled at his sister as he removed his sweaty shirt, and instantly started pulling his pants down. There was a visible bulge in his tight black boxers, but he was far from shy being naked next to Molly and pulled them down, revealing his semi-erect six-inch penis to her.

Molly felt the wetness growing between her legs as her twin brother stood naked in front of her. She moved her right hand to her hair, pulled the scrunchy off, then slowly shook her head, her blonde her spreading in waves down her back. She grinned sheepishly, looking at her brother, then pulled her sports bra up over her head and off, exposing her delectable b-sized breasts, her small pink nipples erect. She threw the bra on the floor, slid her hands into her waistband and peeled off the tight yoga pants, exposing her long smooth legs. She was left in just her panties, plain cotton white ones, and as she stepped out of her pants, she immediately slid them off.

Zach looked at his twin sister's naked body and took a step forward. No matter how many times they saw each other naked, it would still get their blood flowing. He placed his right hand on her left tit, and she cooed as he squeezed it gently before tracing his thumb over her nipple, making Molly gasp as he pinched it softly. He slid his hand to her right boob, moving this thumb over her nipple, then moved his hand down. He held out his index finger, sliding it between her breasts, down her flat stomach, then used the knuckle to caress her prickly pubic mound.

"I haven't shaved the last few days. I didn't really think we would be doing something like this." Molly said almost in an apologetic tone as her brother caressed her vulva, looking down at the light-haired stubble covering it.

"I like it better like this." Zach said with a smile and slid a finger down. He placed his thumb at the top of her slit, her clit still hiding bashfully, and traced it down the tightly pressed lips of her labia.

"I like the trimmed look for you too." Molly said naughtily and shot her hand out, grabbing her brother's erection. "It makes your dick look bigger." She said shyly as she tugged on it.

"You know Presley started shaving to a landing strip down there?" Zach said amused, still touching his sister's vulva.

"Yeah, I saw. Kind of slutty." Molly sneered. She pulled her hand away from her brother's dick and turned around.

"Yeah, I guess it is." Zach said chuckling as he watched his sister's tight ass while she reached inside the shower and turned on the water. "But that doesn't mean it's not hot." He added as Molly turned to look at him.

"Were you looking at my ass?" Molly asked in a playful voice as the water started running.

"How can I not?" Zach retorted with a big smile.

"Perv!" Molly said joking then moved back and pressed her tight tushy into her brother's erect manhood. She pulled away from him after a moment, then held her hand under the water. It was nice and warm, and Molly immediately stepped in, the warm drops falling on her from the large saucer-sized shower head.

The shower was large and luxurious, and the twins started washing each other's naked bodies as the glass shower door and large mirror fogged up from the steam. Molly willingly washed her brother's body, running her hands along his broad chest, firm bum, strong arms, and taking her time to clean his balls and hard cock, stroking his shaft with her soapy palms. Zach returned the favor just as keenly. He gladly lathered his sister up, sliding his hands along her naked body as he caressed her perky breasts, flat stomach, and tone thighs. He ran his hands along her pubic mound and between her legs, slipping a finger into her tight vagina and making her moan as he "washed it", before moving to her cute butt.

Zach poured some more soap onto her firm cheeks and began kneading them sensually. Molly leaned forward, sticking her butt out, and let her brother continue. He soaped her ass thoroughly, running his hands all over, then spread her cheeks apart. He looked at her puckered hole, the way her pussy seductively peaked from underneath and felt his erection twitching.

"Ugh! What are you doing?" Molly jumped as Zach placed his thumb on her tight asshole and traced it along the rim.

"You want me to help you see if you like it?" Zach asked hopeful, the conversation from earlier still stuck in his head.

"I'm not sure. What do you mean?" Molly said nervously. She was definitely not ready for her brother to put his cock in her butt if that's what he was planning.

"I can just put my finger in, play with your butt a little, and see if you like it." He explained. "I won't do anything you don't want me to." He quickly added.

"Yeah, okay." Molly said after thinking it over briefly. She was still a little nervous, but her brother's words reassured her. "Just do it really slow and tell me what you're about to do each time." She told him.

"Don't worry." Zach said soothingly, his cock twitching again at the thought of what he was about to do. "I'm going to start with just rubbing it." He said and continued tracing his thumb along her tight hole. "How's that?" Zach asked after a few seconds, the warm water cascading down their naked bodies.

"Mmmh, it feels nice." Molly admitted, her pussy growing warmer.

"I'm going to put a finger inside now." Zach said as he pulled his hand away and reached for the soap.

"Just go slow." Molly said, her body tensing up.

"I will." Zach assured her as he soaped his finger and moved it back to her hole, sliding it between her cheeks and pressing it to her tight anus. "Try to relax." Zach told his sister as he tried pushing his index finger into her but felt a strong resistance. He heard his sister take a deep breath, then felt her body relax and pushed in, her anal ring giving in as he slipped his finger to the first knuckle inside.

"Aah god!" Molly whimpered as her brother's digit penetrated her backdoor. It was a strange and unfamiliar sensation, but not an unpleasant one.

"Is this okay?' Zach asked worried.

"Yeah." Molly answered in a throaty voice and moaned as Zach started moving only the tip of his finger in and out of her hole.

"I'm going to push it in a little more." Zach said and Molly groaned her approval. He put a little more pressure into it and slid his finger deeper, up to the second knuckle into Molly's tight behind. Molly let out a little squeak as her brother's finger dug deeper into her, the feeling strange and uncomfortable but not painful. He kept it there for a while, her impossibly tight walls hugging his finger until he felt she was starting to adjust. "I'm going to push my finger all the way in." Zach announce, waiting for Molly to respond. She mumbled her approval nervously and braced herself, closing her eyes as her twin brother slowly pushed his finger into her virgin butthole.

"Oh fuck!" Molly whimpered as her twin's finger disappeared inside her tushy. She could feel it deep inside her, stretching her in a way she never felt before. She took deep breaths, calming herself down as her body slowly adjusted to the strange sensation.

"You okay?" Zach asked after a long pause. His finger was all the way in his twin sister's ass, and his cock was throbbing from the mere thought, begging to be touched.

"Yeah I'm fine. It feels weird, but not bad." She said as her brother gave his penis a squeeze with his free hand. "Maybe even a little good." She admitted as she suddenly noticed how wet her pussy was.

"Can I try fingering it now?" Zach asked and Molly agreed.

A surprised moan left Molly's lips as Zach slowly pulled his finger out of her ass. She could feel her insides clutching him as he pulled it out, along with a warm sensation. "Oh wow!" Molly let out in surprise as Zach pushed his finger back in, stretching her tight booty once more. He pulled it out again, slow and gentle, and as he pushed it back in, Molly could not deny it felt good. "Oh my god!" Molly moaned as her brother began slowly fingering her butt, steadily moving his finger in and out.

"Does that feel good?" Zach asked, a smirk forming on his face.

"Ugh, yes actually." Molly let out with a moan, her eyes wide open at the surprise of the pleasure she was feeling as her brother slid his slick finger in and out of her virgin ass. "Oh fuck!" she moaned as he started going a little faster, not believing how strangely and perversely good it felt. Her pussy was starting to itch with arousal, and as the pleasure of her brother finger fucking her ass grew, she slid a hand between her legs and started rubbing her vagina.

"Can I try to put my cock in?" Zach asked cautiously.

"What?" Molly asked with a trembling voice and turned her head around. "I don't think I'm ready for that." She said to her brother's disappointment. Having his finger in her ass was nice, but his thick hard cock was another story. "But I am super wet if you want to put it in my pussy." Molly said and Zach's disappointment quickly faded away. He pulled his finger out of Molly and washed it thoroughly as she straightened up and turned around to face him, the pleasurable feeling of his finger in her backdoor still lingering. "I'm so fucking horny!" Molly admitted to her brother, looking at his throbbing member with lust before looking him in the eyes.

"Oh god, me too." Zach said as he feasted his eyes on her naked body. He wrapped his left hand behind her back and pressed her to the wall. The hot shower still running only made their aroused bodies hotter, and Zach slid a hand under Molly's right thigh and raised it.

The wall was cool against Molly's back as she stared at her brother hungrily. She folded her raised leg, her brother's hand slipping to just below her knee. Molly wrapped her right arm around her brother's shoulders and reached sideways with her left hand, grabbing the soap dispenser for support. She gasped as her brother lifted her, getting on her tiptoes in his arms as he pressed his body into hers. Zach maneuvered his wet body around her, pressing his cock into her from below. He tried to push it but failed, his shaft slipping and gliding up her slit instead. Molly's body burned with arousal and she quickly moved her hand from around her brother's shoulder to between their bodies. He was holding her tightly as she took hold of his cock and guided it to her womanhood. She looked up into his eyes as she held it there, the anticipation so delicious, then they both let out a deep moan as Zach thrust forward, pushing his stiff shaft into his sister's forbidden hole.

Brother and sister moaned as they fell into the familiar rhythm of their love making. Nothing felt wrong or disgusting about it as brother breached his twin sister's hot tight snatch, her vagina accepting his penis so willing, fitting together so perfectly, it was almost eerie. Another moan echoed as brother eased himself into sister effortlessly, pushing his entire length into her until they were one. Sister moaned as brother pressed into her, her shy clitoris now cheekily displayed and pleasurably crushed between their naked bodies.

"Aah fuck!" Molly moaned as her body started burning with incestuous pleasure. Even after time apart, their bodies remembered each other perfectly. There was no need for sexual pleasantries or introductions, and the moment their bodies merged they just knew what to do. Zach tightened his grip into his sister's naked body, their eyes meeting in an intense stare, and without a single word needing to be said, he started thrusting into his sister's amazing pussy.

"Ugh, I missed this!" Zach said as he moved his hips in and out of his sister.

"Yeah, me too!" Molly said moaning as the pleasure burned through her. She was wet and ready, and all her world shrunk to the feeling of the water dripping from above, and the sensation of her brother's shaft sliding in and out of her slick womanhood, stretching it with perfect precision in a storm of forbidden pleasure. "Fuck me harder!" she whispered to her brother in a strained voice, her body wanting nothing more than for him to ravage it.

"Oh god yes! Just like old times." Zach said, a wicked grin forming on his face as they tightened their grasps on one another.

"Aah fuck!" Molly called out as her brother hammered his cock into her cunt with an echoing slap. She looked down and watched their bodies merging with incestuous ecstasy. "Oh fuck I'm almost there!" Molly growled, looking at her brother's cock penetrating her pussy at full power. "AAh my god I'm gonna cum!" she called out in ecstasy, surprised by how quickly her orgasm approached after her brother played with her ass. He continued relentlessly pounding her twat, quick hard thrusts that slid his entire length along her vagina each time. Molly was moaning wildly, her cute breasting jiggling as her brother yet again defiled her sacred hole. She could feel the heat growing inside her as their act continued, intensifying with each thrust of his hips until it was too much.

Molly's body exploded in an overwhelming burst of sexual pleasure with Zach shoving his cock into her. She closed her eyes and squealed as her body began to tremble. Zach felt her pussy convulsing around his shaft as she came on it and held her tightly as the forbidden pleasure tore through her.

"Where do you want it?" Zach asked as his own climax neared.

"Inside." Molly managed to say weakly between clenched teeth. She continued moaning, high and fast, as her orgasm continued mercilessly, punishing her with pleasure so strong it almost hurt. She groaned and grunted at the pleasure, and just as its end neared, she felt her brother starting to fill her up with his warm cum.

"Oh my god yes!" Zach croaked in a shaking voice as he began ejaculating inside his twin sister's still convulsing cunt. He slowed down his thrusts, switching to long slow ones, and groaned as he came inside his sister, finishing each thrust by slapping his body into hers. He grunted as each plunge came with another burst of cum, a searing pleasure hitting him as he shot his load deep inside the heavenly pussy which he used to know so well.

Molly and Zach looked into each other's eyes as their orgasms ended. They were breathing heavily, and Zach pulled his dick out of Molly and gently lowered her. They looked at each other awkwardly for a few seconds, then a wide smiled spread across their faces.

"That was so good!" Molly said as she turned the water's heat up. She spread her legs, standing at a wider stance, and looked at her brother's softening member as his cum trickled out of her.

"Yeah, that was awesome." Zach agreed, thrilled to have had sex with his twin sister again after so long. He and Molly washed up briefly, then stepped out of the shower. Zach grabbed a large white towel, handed it to Molly, then grabbed one for himself and started drying off.

"I have to say, I'm a little surprised by how good it felt to have your finger in my butt." Molly said as she wiped herself off. She finished drying her stomach and waist and moved down to her legs.

"If you want me to do it again, just ask." Zach said hopeful as he placed the towel around his wet hair and started rubbing it, his naked body on display for his sister.

"Maybe," Molly said, watching her brother's limp cock as he moved, then gave him a serious look, "but what do you think Kristen would say about that?"

The smile disappeared from Zach's face as he was reminded of his girlfriend. He kept telling himself that it didn't count as cheating if it was your sister. "She would think I'm a great brother for helping you out like that." He said with a wide smile, looking much more at ease than he was. He looked at Molly uncertainly, then joined her when she started laughing.

They wrapped the towels around themselves as they finished drying off and quietly stepped out of the steamy bathroom. "The coast is clear." Zach whispered to his sister after sticking his head out and looking around. They walked into the middle of the room, then Zach opened the door to his own room and peered in. "Clear here too!" he said, looked back at Molly, then stepped in and walked over to his bed.

Zach jumped on top of his bed, the towel still wrapped around his waist, and laid back. He locked his fingers behind his head and took a content breath, leaning against the headboard. A moment later Molly popped in, the towel still wrapped around her from chest to mid-thigh. She had a hairbrush in one hand, a small bottle of lotion in the other, and sat at the edge of Jack's bed, placing the lotion on the nightstand as she looked at her twin brother.

"We still have some time before dinner, what do you want to do?" Molly asked her brother as she started brushing her wet hair.

"I thought about just staying here and chilling." Zach said watching his sister's hands move delicately as she brushed her blond hair. "We can watch a movie or something." He added, looking at Molly as she paused and lifted her right foot to the bed, folding it in front of her. She quickly returned to brushing her hair, but as she moved her leg, the bottom of the towel flew open a little, giving her brother a peak of her pink nubile vulva.

"Okay, sure." Molly said sweetly, oblivious to the fact that she was flashing her pussy to her brother. She looked at him, noticing her was staring, and followed his gaze, quickly understanding what he was looking at. "Busted!" she said with a smile as his eyes met hers, and she chuckled as she placed the hairbrush down. She kept her brother's gaze as she got to her feet, then removed the towel altogether, revealing her naked body to him once more.

Zach wolf whistled at the sight of his naked sister. She giggled and shook her head, spreading the towel on the bed, then sat down. She grabbed the bottle of lotion from the nightstand, squeezed a little into her hand, then started rubbing it into her leg.

The blood started rushing back to Zach's manhood as he watched his naked twin sister rubbing lotion all over. She started with her legs, moving her hands downward sensually. She massaged it into her thighs, over her knees, along her tone calves and across her feet, leaving her flawless skin glistening. A bulge began to form under Zach's towel as his sister poured more lotion into her palm and kneaded it into her pubic mound, using her index and middle finger to spread it along her tight pink labia before moving her hand up and running it along her stomach.

"Do you need any help with that?" Zach asked seeming innocent as he watched Molly caress her beautiful breasts.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Molly asked in a sinister voice. "But yes actually, you can you help get my back." Molly continued in a sweet innocent voice as she moved to her arms, rubbing lotion along each one from her shoulder down. She noticed the prominent bulge in her brother's towel as she glanced towards him but said nothing, just squirted some more lotion and started applying it to her neck. "Here." Molly said once she was finished, handing the bottle to her brother. She gave the swell between his legs another glance as he got to his feet, then turned to the side, gathering her hair and moving it to the front so he could get her back.

"Why don't you lay down." Zach offered as he stood next to her. Molly nodded and shifted on the bed, laying down on the towel she spread out, her naked backside facing up. "Move over a little." Zach asked, then took a seat at the edge of the bed next to her.

"Mmmh" Molly cooed as her brother squeezed some lotion on to her upper back and started massaging her. He rubbed it into her shoulders, neck, and slowly started down her back.

"I know what else we can do." Zach said, the innuendo clear in his voice, as he got some more lotion and rubbed it between his palms. He looked down at Molly's tight ass, his cock hard between his legs, and started rubbing her firm orbs.

"Aah, again?" Molly said with a soft moan as her brother massaged her tushy. A familiar tingling sensation started between her legs and she let out a louder moan as Zach traced one hand between her legs and tenderly started to rub her womanhood. "Fine!" Molly said, letting out another soft moan, then closed her eyes and exhaled a deep groan as her brother slid his middle finger into her itching vagina.

"You're already wet." Zach said with a smirk as he pulled his finger out of his sister's twat. He sniffed it, smelling her arousing aroma, then licked his finger clean, savoring her tangy flavor.

"And you’re already hard." Molly retorted teasingly and turned her head around. She grabbed his towel and tugged on it, causing it to fall open and expose his hard shaft.

"Did you really expect me not to get hard with you rubbing lotion all over yourself in front of me?" Zach asked with an amused grin on his face.

"Oh yeah, I guess I didn’t really think about it." Molly said with a naughty smile as she turned on her side towards her brother. She propped her head up with her left hand, and with her right hand reached for her brother's manhood and grasped it.

Zach gasped as his sister's velvety skin wrapped around his engorged member. He looked into her eyes, and she returned a playful smile as she started stroking his cock slowly. Zach reached for her perky tits, grabbing the right one with his left hand, then pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger.

"Ugh!" Molly squeaked when Zach squeezed her hard nipple between his fingers, sending a jolt of pleasure mixed with pain through her. Molly moved her hand to her brother's balls and squeezed them, making him flinch as he let out a chuckle and moved his hand away from her breast.

"I almost forgot how fun this is." Zach said grinning as he slid his hand back to his sister's pussy and cupped it. "You look so hot." He said as he began stroking her slit, looking down at her hot naked body, her skin glowing from the lotion.

"You don't look too bad yourself." Molly said as she moved her hand back to his pulsing shaft and stroked it gently. She let out a little moan as her brother's finger caressed her clit, and felt her wetness grow. She studied Zach as he played with her pussy, then pulled his hand away and gave her a coy smile.

"Rollover on your back." Zach asked his sister as he moved down the bed, her hand sliding off his member. He spread her legs apart, getting on his knees between them, and upon seeing the hunger in her eyes, gave her a sinister grin. He placed his hands at the top of her thighs, his thumbs on her outer folds, and slowly slid his body down the bed, moving his head down between his sister's legs.

"Yes, eat my pussy!" Molly called out with excitement as she felt her brother's warm breath on her vulva. She raised her head, her eyes meeting his, and watched as his slipped his tongue out and brushed it teasingly along her slit. Molly let out a shaking moan as a shiver ran down her spine. She saw the grin spreading on his face as he licked her tender lips, caressing her labia, then snaked his tongue deep into her vagina and pressed his mouth to it, making her moan in pleasure.

"Mmmh" Zach moaned as dipped his tongue into his sister's tight pussy, indulging himself in her sexual flavor. He slid his tongue into her pink hole, eliciting moans from her parted lips as he tasted her. "Your pussy tastes so good sis." Zach said as he came up for air. Her scent and taste reminded him of old times, when he would snack on her sweet muff every night before going to bed. He used his thumbs to spread her tight lips apart, exposing her pink goodness to him, then immediately dove back in, devouring her womanhood hungrily.

"Oh god!" Molly moaned as her brother ate her cunt so willingly. Her body was alive with pleasure, and it only grew as he continued going down on her. Her brother was an artist with his tongue, tracing, brushing, and swirling it inside her womanhood with surgical precision. He used his mouth expertly, nibbling on her lips, sucking on her clit, and reaching every nook of her drenched vagina with his wicked tongue. It felt so incredibly amazing she could barely stand it, and the only thing she could think of, was his hard cock entering her. "Fuck me!" Molly said begging, no louder than a whisper.

"What?" Zach asked, pulling his mouth from between his sister's legs and licking her juices off his lips.

"Fuck me!" Molly said louder, her voice pleading and thick with arousal. "I want your cock inside me again. I want you to pound my pussy until I cum." Molly added seductively, watching her brother's manhood twitch as he towered over her. She looked up at him, licked her fingertips, then moved them between her legs and started rubbing the top of her yearning pussy.

Zach kept his eyes glued to his sister's vulva as he climbed off the bed. "I'm gonna make you cum so hard!" Zach exclaimed as he looked down at his twin sister hungrily. "Get over here and get on your hands and knees." Zach said, gesturing to his own bed right next to them. Molly gave him a naughty smile, then stopped touching herself and got to her feet. She gave his erection a little squeeze then climbed on top of his bed.

"Come and get it." Molly said seductively as she got on her hands and knees, facing away from him. She wiggled her firm little butt and cooed when Zach squeezed it lustfully. Molly's body was burning with sexual anticipation as her brother climbed onto the bed behind her. The bed creaked as Zach spread her legs a little and moved behind her. He grabbed her ass briefly, caressing her right cheek, then moved his hand away and started fumbling with something. "What are doi…?" Molly started asking but stopped and mewled as her brother spread her cheeks with one hand, squeezing some body lotion between them with the other. He put the bottle down and started rubbing it into her puckered hole. "You're not putting your thing in my butt!" Molly said alarmed.

"Relax." Zach said soothingly as he spread the lotion over her asshole and tried to slip a finger inside.

"I mean it!" Molly said sternly.

"Relax, I'm not going to. I'm just using my finger like we did in the shower. Trust me, you'll like it." Zach said.

"Okay." Molly said convinced and relaxed her body. The tip of her brother's probing finger pushed at her backdoor until it penetrated her. "Aah fuck!" She moaned as her brother sank his finger into her tushy. He wasn't as gentle as the first time, and Molly grunted as within a few seconds his finger was all the way inside her.

"Is this okay?" Zach asked tenderly and Molly grunted her assurance.

"Oh fuck!" Molly called out as her brother began fingering her asshole, stretching her tight anus as he moved his finger in and out. "Oh, that feels good!" Molly moaned as her brother started shoving his finger into her butt a little faster.

"You sure you don't want me to try and put my cock in?" Zach asked slyly.

"No!" Molly said deliberately.

"Just kidding." Zach said chucking, then pulled his finger out.

"That's not funny." Molly said unamused but stayed in that position. "Would you fuck me already?" she asked bluntly, and immediately felt her brother's hands closing on her waist. Her pussy was soaking wet, begging for a cock, and her whole body tensed as Zach moved closer. Molly felt his hard prick touching her butt, and for a brief second thought he would still try to put it in, but then remembered who she was in bed with, and that her twin brother would never do anything to hurt her. She felt one hand leaving her waist, a moment later his dick no longer touching her, then felt her entire body burn as he guided his manhood to her vagina. She let out a little grunt as he pressed the head to her opening, then moved his hand back around her, and for the second time that day, pushed his penis into her snatch, penetrating her forbidden hole as she whimpered with incestuous pleasure.

"Oh yes!" Zach groaned, closing his eyes, as he breached his twin sister's vagina in a single thrust of his hips. He paused, holding her naked body tightly, and absorbed the divine pleasure of Molly's tight cunt hugging his dick. "Your pussy feels even tighter like this." Zach said praising, and after giving their bodies a few more seconds, started moving his hips.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Molly moaned victoriously as her brother mounted her. He slid his cock into her wet pussy so naturally, each plunge brining a jolt of pleasure as his member rubbed against her sensitive vagina. It was strange how Molly felt safe and reassured with her brother behind her, thrusting his hard dick into her precious flower as they made taboo love to one another. Molly suddenly realized how she never felt completely at ease when she was having sex with the guys she dated. Even in her more serious relationships, when they were having sex, a small part of her always stayed alert, not completely sure her partner would not try and do something she wasn't into. But with Zach it was different. She knew with all her heart that she could trust him. It was with that knowledge that she let herself completely succumb to the pleasure of their perverse act, surrendering her body to her twin brother in the most intimate of ways, allowing him to penetrate her holly bodily temple, and all this without a shred of doubt.

Zach groaned as he steadily plunged his manhood into his sister's forbidden hole. She was warm, wet, and tight, and Zach let out another moan as his shaft entered her smoothly. He looked down at Molly's naked body, his cock parting her pink lips, and her ass wiggling ever so slightly as he pressed his body into it at the end of each stroke. He listened to his sister's moans of sexual delight as they mated, and without missing a beat, he moved his right hand off her side and moved it to her butt.

"Oh god, what are you doing?" Molly asked with a deep moan as her brother pressed his finger to her asshole while fucking her pussy. "Mmmh god!" she moaned aloud, closing her eyes as her brother shoved his finger up her tushy.

"I thought you might like this." Zach said devilishly as he pushed his finger in. It was still slick from the lotion as was her hole, and it easily slid all the way in.

"I don't know, it feels weird." Molly said, not quite sure about it. His cock entering her pussy felt amazing as always, but she wasn’t sure about having his finger in her butt.

"How about now?" Zach asked and started slowly fingering her backdoor while continuing to fuck her cunt.

"Aah my god!" Molly squealed with delight at the unexpected surge of pleasure. "That's so fucking wrong!" she moaned, her face contorting with pleasure as not only her brother was fucking her, but he was fingering her asshole at the same time.

"But you love it, don't you?" Zach asked with a knowing smirk.

"Mmmh, Yes!" Molly moaned, a perverse smile forming on her face. "It feels so good." She whimpered and let her brother continue violating both her holes.

An audible beep came from the door as a keycard was swiped, and a moment later they heard the door opening. "Guys get out, we're in here." Molly called out to who she assumed were Jack and Presley. She was enjoying herself too much to caring about her brother and sister seeing them, and when she heard the door close and steps approaching, she was about to start yelling.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" an unfamiliar voice called and Molly and Zach both froze as they looked in shock. At the hallway, only a few feet away from them, stood a young light-skinned African American woman in housekeeping uniform. She looked no older than twenty, about Molly height and weight, and had shoulder-length dreadlocks. She was holding a stack of sheets in her hands and had a pair of large headphones on. She stared mortified at the very attractive very naked couple on the bed, the girl on all fours with the guy behind her, taking her while he had his index finger in her ass. She stared at them stunned for a few seconds that felt like an hour, then realized what she was doing and quickly turned around. "I'm so sorry…" she mumbled again as she removed her headphones, then covered her eyes, even though she was looking away, "it’s just that the reception said there would be no one here. They said you asked for a change of sheets and to just let myself in. I'm so sorry." She apologized again, not knowing what to do.

Zach and Molly's shock faded away, leaving them embarrassed at being caught while having sex. They pulled away from each other quickly and grabbed something to hide their nudity. "It's okay, you can turn around." Zach said, his face flushed. He looked at the girl as she cautiously turned, looking at them as the he had a pillow in front of his penis, and Molly was hugging another pillow, covering her front up to her chin.

"You can leave it on the bed." Molly managed to say weakly, and the woman nodded, not removing her eyes from them as she placed the stack of sheets on Jack's bed.

"Again, I'm so sorry about this. I was told no one would be here." The woman said, her athletic figure and large breasts now visible as she headed towards the door.

"It's fine. It was probably my brother who called." Zach said and cursed himself when he saw the confused expression on the young lady's face. "He didn't know we were up here." He quickly added and gave her a reassuring smile. The maid looked at the two puzzled but already made things awkward enough. She gave them an apologetic smile and ran out of there.

"Well, that was awkward." Zach said with a chuckle after she left. He looked at Molly and put the pillow he used to cover up with, down.

"Oh my god, I can believe that just happened." Molly said giggling, her face red. "That was so embarrassing." She added and put her own pillow down. "Hey, what do you think she would have done if we asked her if she wanted to join us?" Molly asked giggling.

"That sounds like something Presley would do." Zach said laughing.

"Oh my god you're right." Molly said laughing too. "Presley would totally ask her if she wants to join."

"She would probably run out horrified if we asked." Zach said lightly.

"You think? I'm not so sure." Molly said grinning.

"Come on Molly, this is real life, not some porn movie." Zach said amused.

"I don't know. I saw the way she looked at you." Molly said skeptically and paused to think. "You know what, maybe not join, but if we asked her if she wanted to stay and watch, I think there is a good chance she would've said yes."

"You're crazy." Zach said laughing and shook his head. Although it was embarrassing, Zach was really turned on by having the mystery maid walk in on them, and his dick was still hard, refusing to go down even a little. "If she said yes, would you even consider letting her watch us?" Zach asked as he looked at Molly who was now sitting on the bed with her back against the headboard.

"I'm going to tell you something, but it stays between us, okay?" Molly said with a guilty smile on her face. She eyed her brother's hard dick lustfully then looked up at his eyes as he nodded intrigued. "So, my last boyfriend, he and I had sex in his apartment once while his roommate watched."

"Holy shit! How did that happen?" Zach asked, his eyes going wide.

"We were watching some movie, all three of us, then my boyfriend and I started making out. We were a little high and before I knew it, I was giving him a blowjob with his roommate right there watching us. When we got up to move to his bedroom, his roommate asked if he could watch us. As I said, we were a little high and we agreed. My boyfriend undressed me and went down on me while his roommate watched, then we fucked right there next to him while he jerked off to us. It was so hot!" Molly finished telling, her face flustered. "So yeah, I would be okay with her watching us." She added with a naughty grin.

"God that's hot!" Zach grunted and wrapped one hand around his throbbing cock while he placed his other hand on his sister's thigh, rubbing it. They were both so horny, neither had to say another word. Molly took her place on her hands and knees once more, here pussy almost overflowing with her arousal. She spread her legs further apart and waited for her brother to take her once more.

"Oh yeah!" she squealed in a whiny voice as her brother shoved his six inches deep inside her snatch. He gave her pussy a few powerful plunges, pounding it as she squealed, then slowed down and inserted his finger into her ass again. "Oh fuck!" she moaned as her brother infiltrated her nasty hole once more, than started moaning as he fingered it, sliding his slick finger in and out of her rosebud while his shaft was doing the same to her pussy.

"You’re so wet!" Zach called out aroused as he fucked her drenched twat. He was thinking of having the maid watch them and started fucking his sister harder, both with his cock, and with his finger.

Molly also thought about someone watching them, and it only made her hotter. "Oh fuck!" she moaned as her brother started driving his finger in and out of her butt faster, making her feel so disgustingly good. "Ugh yes!" She groaned when a moment later he started plunging harder into her cunt. He was getting so deep inside her in this position, his cock entering her so thoroughly, stretching her tight little pussy so good while her ass also received some much-wanted attention. Molly moaned, a deeply erotic sound, clenching her teeth as the pleasure grew. "Fuck me harder!" she half demanded half pleaded of him and started moaning faster and higher as he pounded her pussy feverishly. "I'm almost there!" she called out between moans, her body burning hotter and hotter with each passing second. "Aah fuck!" she moaned as her twin brother continued relentlessly penetrating both her holes. "I'm gonna cum!" she whimpered in a whirl of sexual pleasure. "AAh, fuck I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna…!" she called out, then her mind went blank as her body exploded.

Zach kept fucking his sister as she erupted in a sexual crescendo. She clawed at the covers, digging her fingers into the mattress, and let out a series of high-pitched squeaks. Her pussy convulsed around his cock, making it, along with her asshole even tighter. She screamed in euphoria as her body started to spasm violently, wave after wave of excruciatingly electrifying pleasure rushing through it. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes as she almost sobbed, her toes curling and feet flapping on the bed as her body shivered uncontrollably. She screamed out again as her brother pulled his finger out of her butt, her voice hoarse and raw as the unworldly pleasure still gripped her. Zach tried to continue pounding his cock into her convulsing pussy and was quickly met with a sharp almost painful moan from his sister. Her buried his cock in her cunt, eliciting another moan from her, and held her trembling body as it continued to writhe.

"Oh god!" Zach grunted as he was hit by his own orgasm. In all his times having sex with Molly he had never seen her cum this hard. She had stopped moaning, a few last spasms shooting through her naked body, and Zach clumsily started thrusting his spouting member into his sister. "Fuck!" He called out as his sister's pussy convulsed one last time around his ejaculating member. She felt like a ragdoll in his arms, too exhausted to even hold herself up, and Zach pressed himself into her from behind. He leaned down, pressing his trembling body into her bare back and groaned as his cock went off, filling his sister's tight pussy with his incestuous spunk.

Zach and Molly fell to the side breathless, Zach cock's slipping out of his sister's pussy as he rolled over to his back. He looked up at the ceiling exhausted and panted as his sister laid dazed next to him. They stayed like that for several minutes, brother and sister laying naked next to each other, their bodies recovering from one of the most intense sexual ordeals of their young lives.

"That was incredible." Molly said in a hoarse voice, finally breaking the long silence, and turned to face her brother.

"Yep." Zach said, still stunned himself, and wrapped his arm around his twin sister as she cuddled into him.

"I've never cum that hard in my entire life!" Molly said still amazed and looked up at her brother. "Now I understand what Presley was talking about." She added and pressed her naked body tighter into Zach's. "It felt like my orgasm was never going to end." She added softly.

"Yeah, that was intense." Zach added, smiling to himself.

"What do you think the maid who walked in on us would've said if she knew we were brother and sister?" Molly asked out of the blue after a minute of silence.

"She would probably completely freak out." Zach said and looked down into his sister's eyes.

"Yeah, probably." Molly agreed with a little giggle. They looked at each other tenderly, took a deep breath and slowly started getting up.

"Oh shit, it's almost dinner time." Zach said as he sat up and looked at the clock.

"Yeah, and I think we need another shower." Molly added looking at her sweaty body.

"Okay, but a quick one this time. Don't try seducing me again." Zach said jokingly and gave his sister his widest smile.

"You're such an idiot." Molly said laughing and headed to the bathroom. "So, are you coming?" she asked, turning around to look at him.

"Only if I get to wash your back again." Zach said with an obnoxious grin and they both started laughing. They entered the bathroom and Molly got the water running. She could feel her brother's cum leaking out of her pussy and entered the warm shower with her twin brother right behind her. She looked at his nice cock dangling between her legs and knew she was really going to enjoy the rest of the vacation.

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Again, so glad you're able to continue. Mentioned to 11 that Ton &Liz catch them & they decide to watch & join the fun. Only problem, what to do with Lisa, the youngest child? Next time all 4 oldest should ho a 4some & swap partners when Mom & Dad catch them! AWESOME as always, THANKS.


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